Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Waking up...

People are like flowers. Some are growing in a cherished garden, under a bright sunshine, and in a well moisture soil. Their green leaves are stretching out towards the sky; their buds are vigorously breaking out, filling the world with bright colors and unforgettable aroma. Several drops of morning dew add extra touch of beauty and freshness to an already perfect view.

Other flowers, however, got their seeds in a less fortunate ground: rocky mountains, an abandoned desert, or a crack between two blocks of a heavy concrete. They are struggling to climb around the stones, or through tons of sand and concrete making their way to the straight surface, until they finally reach the sun light - far away from their roots. Morning dew doesn’t come as an extra touch of beauty, but rather as a blessed gift falling down upon their exhausted head, a quick gulp of fresh water in the middle of a hot summer day, so that they could keep growing.

They keep going… because nothing in the world could stop a flower from reaching its ultimate desire: waking up in the morning to the first beams of a spectacular sunrise…

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